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Dog Walking

Whether you’d like one-to-one walking for your dog or you’re looking for group socialisation- Pride in Pets Leicester can help!

Our walking rates start from just £7.00 and the toys, poop bags and premium, natural and (where possible) home-baked treats are on us!

Products for Pets

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Comfort Visits

Is your dog left home-alone whilst you’re at work in the day-time or in the evening?  

Comfort Visits focus on one-to-one devoted care, company and cuddles- so that you come home to a happy, tired dog. Includes walking and feeding when and if required. Rates start from £5.00.

Home Holiday Sitting

Are you looking for an alternative to Kennels or Catteries whilst you go away? Pride in Pets Leicester offers a unique service in which we care for your pets and your home- without them having to leave the comfort of their own beds! Our Live-in care prices start from £30.00 per day for Dogs, and Cat Feeding from as little as £6.00 per visit.

  Venison Treats

Take a look at our Billy + Margot Venison Treats for Dogs in the 'shop'- packed with 100% British, natural, air-dried Venison for a high protein and nutritious treat.


Does your dog PULL? We use and recommend the Halti-Harness from Company of Animals; designed to help stop pullng and give maximum control. Comfortable, easy to fit and affordable. Find in our 'Training and Walking' section.

 The Anxiety Wrap

Full of goodness for your dog, as well as wheat and gluten free, these Strawberry and Apple Traning Treats are perfect as a bite-sized reward for your perfect pooch. With pure fruit, linseed oil and seaweed.

  Training Treats

Is your dog anxious, fearful, hyperactive, insecure or shy? The Anxiety Wrap uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure to relieve stress or lessen fears. Available in our online shop now!

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