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Welcome to Pride in Pets Leicester & Pride in Progress Dog Training, a uniquely skilled and super-friendly Pet Care, Dog Walking and Dog Training team created by two avid animal-lovers, Amy & Sam,  who are committed to providing ethical and exemplary pet care.

Together with backgrounds in Pet Care, Veterinary Nursing, Training & Rescue Centre work, our team have a passion for all things ‘pet’ and devote our lives to meeting your dog’s daily demands; as well as cats, small pets, exotic pets and more!

It’s truly a privilege to spend our lives being a dog’s best friend and we’re incredibly dedicated to being just that- we work almost every day, including the weekends, in any kind of weather. We don’t ‘do’ sick days, we love hard work, and our life aim is to produce tired, happy pets all over the city.

Established in 2013, we are award-finalists in Customer Service, fully-insured to the highest possible limit to provide protection and peace of mind. What’s more, our team have clear Criminal Disclosure checks and are all practically trained & qualified Pet First Aiders.

Coupled with our individual skills, care and commitment, we continue to improve, upgrade and innovate our facilities and service and we’re proud to be Leicester’s Leading Pet Care & Dog Walking service, challenging the norm and raising the bar in expected Pet Care Provider Standards- indeed, a dog walk is not just a dog walk with Pride in Pets Leicester!

Our Values

Our Bigger Purpose

We believe that every dog is a family member and should be happy and fulfilled!

Our Holy Grail

To give every pet and human an amazing experience, each and every time

Our Mission

To raise the bar in standards expected of Pet Care Providers across the UK

Our Services

We offer a tailored range of premium services including Pet Visits, Group & Private Dog Walking, Dog Training & Puppy Classes, Daycare, Pet Concierge and Wedding Chaperoning in Leicester and Leicestershire.

We’re here when you aren’t able to be, and whenever you need us. We know that flexibility and reliability are at the top of any Owner’s Carer ‘wish list’, and we strive to exceed your expectations in each and every way. Take a look at our ‘services’ tab to discover what we can do for you and your friend; whether they’re furry, feathered or finned!



Spirit Breed: Labrador cross Collie
Trainer of Dogs. Chief Ideas Officer. Never stops!
Lover of pets, Marmite and (vegan) cupcakes. Oh, and people. Always in that order.

Amy inhabits a Behavioural Advisor role within Pride in Pets, carefully selecting and matching group walking dogs and teaching modern training skills and enrichment activities to the team to so that they can enhance their walks and visits and provide basic training.

Amy is a Licensed Dog Trainer offering 1-on-1 sessions for puppies & dogs, workshops and group classes. Following gaining theoretical and practical accredited qualifications and certifications in Dog Training and Behaviour, in 2016 Amy was handpicked by world-known Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Sarah Whitehead (BA, MSc), to join her team of Licensed Trainers under her Clever Dog Company Method.

Amy is also a certified #SuperDogs Instructor, transforming the lives of vulnerable individuals by training helper dogs.

From September, Amy is studying towards an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour and continues to add to her knowledge and skills by attending a variety of masterclasses specifically for dog trainers and dog behaviourists.


Spirit Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Self-confessed chocolate and coffee addict and collector of cool calculators.
Happy, friendly, affectionate and food-motivated- just like her Spirit Breed!

Sam is General Manager of Pride in Pets- but you’ll never prize her away from Dog Walking! She is certified in canine body language and continues to develop her handling and clicker-training skills. Her favourite part of ‘doggie duties’ are the group dog walks, but she also loves meeting new people and the excitement of meeting pets for the first time during initial Meet & Greets. She has a particular fondness of Lurchers and sighthounds, but also enjoys the small furries; having kept Gerbils and Guinea Pigs. Sam is always on the look-out for more pets and has her heart set on another dog sometime soon. She’s even got a name ready- yikes!

Our PiP mascots- Baker (Dachshund cross) & Nemo (ginger & white Tabby) are a huge part of Pride in Pets and you may spot them around our website!

Both Amy & Sam have previously worked with rescue charities and regularly attend a variety of different training seminars. Amy & Sam are regular dog sponsors and support a variety of causes and charities, most recently, Woodside Animal Centre Leicester.

A personal note from Amy & Sam;

‘We formed Pride in Pets Leicester because we adore pets and found a love and devotion in spending time with them. Dogs teach us so many things- not least, to be affectionate, adventurous, and playful. With backgrounds in walking and in rescue centres (and a hatred of routine and the 9-5!) we were always ‘different’- consequently, it was ever-likely that it led us to here and we found our calling.

We’re proud to be an independent company, small enough to care and large enough to cope with the most complex of demands. We love what we do and we’re driven to consistently further our knowledge and add to our skills so that we can be the very best.

You’ll never catch us on phones whilst we’re out walking or visiting your pets- they deserve our time and dedication, just as our own. Welfare is an issue very close to our hearts and that, ultimately, drives our passion for the most ethical care and the highest of standards; our pets deserve the best and it’s an honour to have a positive impact on their lives, and the lives of our Pet Owners.

Pride in Pets couldn’t function without the wonderful team behind us- they come from a wide variety of backgrounds with their own very special skills with both domestic and more exotic pets. We are so proud of our PiP family and can’t wait for you to meet them!’

Our Dream Team!

LauraOn Maternity
Spirit Breed: Red Setter
Friendly, warm, ginger. Life traveller, sunshine duchess. Qualified Groomer.
Hannah M
Hannah MAdmin Support & Pet Care Provider
Spirit Breed: Maltese
A very talented Artsy Paper-Crafter who is both incredibly small and incredibly bright (just like her Spirit Dog!)
HanishaPet Care Provider
Spirit Breed: Labrador
The bubbliest, bounciest Veterinary Nurse you will ever meet!
Hannah S
Hannah SPet Care Provider
Spirit Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Dog-mad lover of Baking, and all things Spaniel!
AlexandraPet Care Provider
Spirit Breed: Saluki.
Asiatic Traveller, Vegan, and mega-Mum to Ruby & Martha (Cockerpoo & Cavapoo) and Lottie (silver Tabby).
Maarja (pronounced Maaaria)
Maarja (pronounced Maaaria)Pet Care Provider
Spirit Breed: Yet to be discovered
BethanWeekend Pet Care Provider
Spirit Breed: Yet to be discovered
Could you be part of our Super-Team?
Could you be part of our Super-Team?
Email us to find out more!



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