I’m Baker, I’m 4 and I’m a sausage dog cross. I have lots of nicknames; Sausage, Stinky, Bakey-Boo and BooBoo (bleugh. BooBoo. Who do these hoomans think they are?! It’s embarrassing!)

My work as a mascot for Pride in Pets is both rewarding and challenging. Guarding the HQ office, assisting on walks and chasing the occasional pigeon – it’s all in a days work for me. Oddly enough, though, you people seem to enjoy hearing about this stuff. I don’t know why, I mean how interesting is it to hear that I’m napping (again), or rolling in poop out on the meadows?

Whatever the reason is, you have asked and- of course- I have delivered! My little old Instagram (baker_the_sausage) has grown to this. A Blog. A Blog ALL about me, and what I’ve been up to with my two special hoomans and all of my PiP friends. I struggled with the name. Baker the Sausage: Intrepid Explorer. Baker the Sausage: The Best Sausage Ever (that’s rubbish, isn’t it?)

Anyway, I ended up with this: Baker’s Blog- Hound & About! I just hope I can find the time in my VERY busy schedule to let you know what I’ve been up to. I simply can’t miss out on my cat-naps.

So if you love you some Baker, be sure to add me on Instagram, to your RSS Feeds, or simply stop by every once in a while! Oh, and whilst you’re there, you best follow my Mum’s, too, on @prideinpets. And don’t worry all my fabulous Facebook fans, I’ll still be posting weekly over there too!

Baker xx

Yup, that’s me! Oh, and my annoying little Brother, Nemo. I love him really, even though he DOES try to steal my breakfast. Grrr.