Bakey here! Did you know that Pride in Pets Leicester have BRAND NEW Puppy & Dog Training Classes starting in the Autumn? We are SO excited to share them with you (and I’m also excited because that means the Hotdog will be back in abundance. If you’ve read my previous doggo-blogs, you’ll know how much I LOVE Hotdog!)

My Mamas are super-passionate about positive Puppy & Dog Training and are starting new courses to show Pet Parents that training techniques don’t need to have Force, Pain or Fear involved. Positive Training has been given a bad rap recently, and it’s easy to think that Positive Training means bribing with treats. That’s not the case… will you stick around so I can tell you why?

“Positive does not mean permissive” Sarah Whitehead

My Mama says that boundaries are important, and so is benevolent leadership, but this doesn’t mean you need to be your dog’s ‘Pack Leader’. I have lots of dog friends, but we are not a ‘pack’. This theory has been around for a looooooooong time and was created by a man that observed captive Wolves. After he wrote about wolves and his theories on hierarchy and shouted all about it to everybody, he changed his mind. It’s okay to change your mind… Sometimes I want to chase the Cat, but sometimes I change my mind and I have a nap instead. Anyway, from this wolf theory, hundreds of books have been written and TV shows created, popularising dominance-based that are formed around the concept of humans needing to be their dog’s ‘pack leader’. But, the thing is, I’m not a wolf…

Science has since proven that the ‘pack leader’ theory is not correct, and we now understand Learning Theory and that dogs like me and my friends are not all that different to humans. But, these myths still exist, and scary methods are still being used in Puppy & Dog Training Schools around the UK. And yes, even in Leicester… This makes my Mamas sad, because it’s unnecessary 🙁

The really, really sad thing is that these scary methods can damage your dogs social skills, confidence, and can affect your bond and relationship. They may even cause fear, anxiety and behavioural problems. If you love your best friend like my Mamas love me, please choose positive training. Reward-based methods are proven and will help you to build a better relationship with your dog. This doesn’t mean using food to get your dog to do something or to bribe them, like you may have seen in lure training- it means using food and toys and other things we like to reward good choices and behaviours, so that your dog repeats them. My Mama rewards me for everything that I do good. That means I can wait at the door, leave smelly fox poop, and I’ve learned clever tricks. I’m still learning, so sometimes I go wrong. That’s okay. ‘Punishments’ have a place in dog training, but these don’t have to be harsh or forceful. My Mama just tells me ‘better luck next time’ and the hotdog disappears. Nooooooooooooooooooo! It’s okay though, it comes back when I do good things.

Still with me? So, determined to change things, and show Leicester how training should be done, my Mamas are starting a BRAND NEW Training School with lots of really cool classes. Pride in Puppies is born!

They’ll be two puppy classes for little ones and bigger ones, as well as a Teen/Adult Beginner and an Advanced. I’m sure you can guess which one I’ll be in (because I’m so smart)! They’re all designed to make sure your BFF learns all of the very important things to be a reeeeally good dog, like socialising politely, how to walk nicely on a lead, and how to sit at the curb and wait for the green man, and how to lie down at the pub (Did I tell you that I get pork scratchings at the pub because I’m a good boy? Well, I do!), PLUS your puppy or dog will get a super-cool pack with free stuff- tasty treats (if I don’t eat them all first), toys (which I’ve tested) and little books for humans so you can carry on training at home. I’m excited FOR you!

The classes are super-duper fun and you will have your own section away from other puppers and doggos, so if your dog doesn’t like friends as much as I do, they don’t need to worry.  The classes are also good to bring little people to, because no-one does any shouty voices and you’ll get expert coaching from my very clever Mama, so you can bring your whole family along. Wooopeeee!

Anyways, if you want to join me and learn some really cool stuff, contact us on or call 0116 216 6963 NOW because they’re starting in the Autumn and will book out reeeeally fast. I haven’t learned to answer the phone yet, so sorry, you’ll have to speak to my PA if you want to get involved.

You’ll be able to view all the classes by August 20th by going to

In the meantime, get in touch to find out more! See you at training class…

Baker xo