Baker here! My very clever Mama, Amy, has a new dog trick training course coming up in June with super-duper co-Trainer, Shirley, from Pawsome Pups Leicester. I don’t know what a co-Trainer is, but I do like Shirley a lot because she feeds me sausage. Yum! 

That’s me with my Mama S doing my new trick that I learned at dog training class. Isn’t it cool? Mum calls it ‘beg’. I like it because I can hold it for agessss and it gets me lots of attention and yummy treats. Winning!

There are two new trick classes starting on Tuesday 12th June 2018, and I’ll be in the intermediate one because I’m really clever, but you can do the beginner if you’ve never done tricks before. They’re 6 weeks long and take place reeeeally close to my favourite park ever, Victoria Park, off London Road, Leicester. There’s always pigeons to chase there!

The classes are super-duper fun and you have your own section away from other puppers and doggos, so if your dog doesn’t like friends as much as I do, they can concentrate on getting the good stuff and no-one will steal their food. Dunno about you, but that’s pretty important to me. The classes also good to bring little people to, because no-one says any bad words and the training is easy and fun. No shouty voices here!

Anyways, if you want to join me and my dog buddies and learn some really cool stuff (and get paid in chicken- duh!), contact Amy & Shirley on, or call 0116 216 6963 or 07525207507 NOW because they will book out reeeeally fast.

You can view all the good things that people have said and see more photos of me and my dog friends by visiting Leicester Trick Dogs facebook on

See you at training class!

Baker xx


Leicester Trick Doogs Beginner Graduates