How to Stuff a Kong (and why you should!)

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How to Stuff a Kong for Dogs & Puppies Kongs: What are these hollow lumps of rubber, and why do Pride in Pets recommend them? Simply put, Kongs are hollow rubber toys that have been designed to be filled with food. They also have a hole at the opposite end for safety. They're brilliant as [...]

New Puppy & Dog Training Classes in Leicester

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  Bakey here! Did you know that Pride in Pets Leicester have BRAND NEW Puppy & Dog Training Classes starting in the Autumn? We are SO excited to share them with you (and I’m also excited because that means the Hotdog will be back in abundance. If you’ve read my previous doggo-blogs, you’ll know how [...]

Hound and about!

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I'm Baker, I'm 4 and I'm a sausage dog cross. I have lots of nicknames; Sausage, Stinky, Bakey-Boo and BooBoo (bleugh. BooBoo. Who do these hoomans think they are?! It's embarrassing!) My work as a mascot for Pride in Pets is both rewarding and challenging. Guarding the HQ office, assisting on walks [...]