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Dog Behaviour Help

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Dog Behaviourist Leicester

Seeking an experienced Dog Behaviourist in Leicester?

Dog Behavioural problems can have a significant impact upon your life and that of your dog and can occur for many reasons. Modifying your dog’s behaviour is truly possible, but takes time, dedication and consistency. We understand that coping with behavioural problems is tough and we’re passionate about working with you to change them and supporting you through the process.

Issues Covered

Amy, our Dog Behaviourist, can provide practical help for the following behavioural issues:

  • Separation issues including over-attachment*
  • Guarding behaviour over food or toys
  • Nervousness and/or fearful behaviour
  • Hyperactivity and over-arousal
  • On-lead reactivity
  • Problems with car travel
  • Excessive chewing or mouthing, and;
  • Multi-dog household issues & new pet integration

Veterinary Involvement

As we recognise that there can be a link between some medical conditions and behavioural symptoms, a Veterinary Referral may be requested. This involves a Vet visit and our Behaviourist will discuss this with you.

Following approval and completion of your referral, a detailed Assessment will be required and you will be asked to complete a form, which covers the difficulties you are experiencing. Video footage may also be requested. Assessments may take place both inside and out of the home, depending on your dog’s particular difficulties.

What’s Involved

The Standard Behavioural Help Package booking includes:

  • A 2 hour in-person Assessment
  • 2 x 1 hour in-person follow-up sessions
  • FREE 20 minute follow-up session via phone to be taken within one month

Our Premium Behavioural Help Package booking includes:

  • A 2 hour in-person Assessment
  • 3 x 1 hour in-person follow-up sessions
  • FREE 60 minutes of follow-up support via phone to be taken within 3 months

Also included in the packages:

  • FREE clicker and healthy high-quality treats
  • Ongoing phone & email support during the package
  • A tailored programme with handouts and an individual report with recommendations. Your report is a plan tailor-created to you and your dog/s and designed to work in real-life situations. It will allow you to begin working on your dog’s behaviour straight away. Follow up training sessions are required so that the training is implemented effectively as soon as possible.

Please note that our Behaviourist cannot take on bite cases involving other dogs or people at this time. We recommend that you seek an Aggression Specialist or Veterinary Behaviourist for these issues.

All rates include VAT, travel additions may be required.


Why Choose Pride in Progress?

Our Behaviourist focuses on the function of behaviour and the emotional response that your dog is experiencing, and how this can be effectively modified. It’s very important that your Behaviourist focuses on teaching you and your dog what behaviour they can do instead, and not on harsh methods to punish unwanted behaviour. This method will not lead to lasting results, and oftentimes causes behaviour to get worse. Our Behaviourist will work with you to help you understand why your dog is behaving in a certain way. She will put in place a practical behavioural modification plan with considerations to Diet & Exercise, and coach practical training skills that will change your dog’s behaviour.


£34000 including assessment & 2 x 1 hr follow-up sessionsone-off payment


£54000 including assessment, 3 x 1 hr follow-up sessions + ongoing supportone-off payment

Lewis is a rescue from overseas who landed on his furry feet in a new home with doting owner, Heather. Shortly after Lewis was homed, Heather witnessed distressed barking and crying whenever Lewis was left at home and regularly returned to find he had been trying to escape the house, damaging doors in the process- although she was always more worried that he would harm himself. Heather contacted Amy and following a vet referral and assessment, Lewis was diagnosed with Isolation Anxiety. Heather stuck to the 5-step program and Lewis has progressed to 2.5-hour absences alone at home- a triumph for both!

Heather said,
“Pride in Pets and Pride in Progress are fantastic! Lewis my dog is completely relaxed with the sitters who look after him while I am out. Amy is a superb trainer and Lewis has come on in leaps and bounds since we started his separation anxiety training with her. Before we started, I worried that I would never be able to leave Lewis on his own at all. Now the light at the end of the tunnel is shining more brightly. Amy has helped with his recall training too. I have every confidence in PIP – thank you for all you do! You deserve 10 stars +, not just 5!!”

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