Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pet Owners want the very best for their pets, and aren’t willing to compromise on any aspect of their pet’s care- and neither are we! For this reason, fuelled with our passion for pets and ambition, we designed and built our service to the exacting standards we would expect for our own pets. It’s this uncompromising approach, filled with attention-to-detail, and combined with flexibility and reliability, that has solidified Pride in Pets as Leicester’s leading service.

With a combined pet care history of over 40 years, our team are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing exceptional pet care. We like dogs to be dogs- to play, make friends, express their natural behaviour and most of all, to have fun!

We are fully-insured with Pet Plan Sanctuary and hold practical skill-assessed Pet First Aid Certifications. One of our team members is a Veterinary Nurse, and we are trusted and recommended by several Leicester-based Veterinary Practices who refer to us.

Additionally, we commit to the standards set by the Pet Industry Federation (PIF) for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting.

We offer a range of Pet Care services to meet your needs including Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Home Visits- please see our Pet Care tab for more information. We also offer Pet Wedding Chaperoning.

All our services are bespoke and can be tailored to your individual needs- contact us to discuss your requirements. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll make a service for you!

Most Owners elect to give us a set of keys to their home when the care involves visiting, sitting, picking up or dropping home your pet, such as with Dog Walking or Home Visits. However, we are also well-used to operating coded lock-boxes and many of our pet owners find this a handy option. Lock-box codes or keys are usually passed onto us during your Initial Consultation, or ‘Meet & Greet’, but consults also include a separate key collection on another occasion for your convenience. You may also choose to bring keys to us at our office if you would like to.

If you do place keys into our possession, they can be held indefinitely. Alternatively, you may arrange to collect them during our office hours or have them returned following visits or other care. Keys are tagged with your pet’s name only and are stored safely.

You can get in touch with us by visiting the Contact Us page, filling out an enquiry form and sending to us. We’ll respond as quickly as possible! Alternatively, you can call us on 0116 2166963 or email us on Our office is manned each weekday between 9am and 10.30am and between 4.30pm and 6pm- that’s the best time to get us on the Dog & Bone.

If you know what you require and would like to get on and request without prior contact, you can set up a profile for by clicking the ‘Book’ tab at the top of the page. We will then get in touch to set up your Initial Consultation.

Our Initial Consultations are known by us as ‘Meet & Greets’ and they cost a one-off fee of £25.00, or £30.00 for multi-pet households. If it’s been a long time since you’ve used us for pet care, or if your pets or your service requirements have changed, we may require a refresher Meet & Greet charged at £15.00. You can find out more about our Meet & Greets by visiting our Initial Meet & Greet page.

Yes, it is very important to us that we meet you and your pets before we agree to provide our services and confirm your requests.

Yes! We’re huge on ‘pupdates’ and love to keep you a part of things when you can’t be with your pet. You will be asked about whether you would like to receive updates during your Meet & Greet.

Using our special appointment diary system, we send your updates (including a photo) straight from our mobiles to your email address following a walk or home visit. For Home Sitting, you can expect an update at least once per day, but you may request more frequent updates if you would like to. You can add multiple email addresses, so all the family can see the fun your pets are up to! Our updates are in-depth- even telling you about their toilet habits!

We take lots of photos so, with your permission, share the additional ones onto our social media pages for you to enjoy.

We also have a GPS capability that will allow us to ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ with your pet. You will see their time of arrival and time of departure on your update. This functionality also enables us to keep track of our team’s whereabouts.

Payment is made with your Credit or Debit card. You can manage your payments and invoices on your online profile, also known as your Client Portal.

Using this system, payment is taken automatically and safely using our integrated Stripe system, which generates accurate invoices directly from your confirmed bookings.

Once you have made your first payment on your account, the system will store your encrypted information and your payments will be taken on a prior-agreed schedule whenever you book with us. This is usually weekly in arrears, but for regular care-bookers, monthly in-advance is also an option. You can contact us any time to alter the way that you pay.

We may ask for BACS payments for some services, or accept cash or cheque payments at our discretion. Deposits will apply for Home Sitting and Holiday Care, some larger pet care bookings and Wedding Chaperoning- but don’t worry, we won’t take any payment without notice.

Yes! We have a great discount system that rewards our customers based on the frequency of their bookings. We may also offer additional discounts to owners that would like to pay for 3 months or 6 months in advance. In addition, we have several additional and very exciting ‘reward schemes’ in place for both human and hound- we can’t wait for you to experience them!

We have several vehicles in use for dog transport, including a specialist air con van with crates, as well as cars modified with equipment such as dog guards, covers, mattresses and seat belt clips, for safety. We use both the van and cars for walks, depending on the carer that your dog has on any given day. We usually find that most car-happy dogs are equally settled travelling in the van, and that some dogs that get overtly-excited or worried about seeing people or traffic in cars may benefit from travelling in the van. We often used filled Kong toys and other treats to build a positive association for your dog. However, if your dog finds the van a stressful place to travel or you would prefer them not to travel in the van, they can move to travelling in a car instead- it’s no problem.

If you require a Pet Taxi service, please be sure to let us know the size of your dog, as they may require transport in our van.

Every dog will need a tag fitted to a collar or harness, and a regular short lead. Additionally, each dog that is having either private or group walking, or any sort of transport service, will need a harness so that they are able to be clipped safely in the case of car travel.

Please note that we will not accept check/half check (choke) collars or chain collars (sometimes known as ‘pinch’ collars) for any dogs in our care.

Yes, we are experienced in managing pets with health issues and administering medication for a variety of conditions. However, it is important that your pet’s health issue does not cause a contraindication with the care that you have booked with us.

We recommend talking to your Vet if your pet has a long-term or chronic illness or injury. We can work with you and your vet to find solutions for their care.

Accidental injuries and infections, whether short or long-term, may affect your pet’s ability to receive their usual care or result in an alteration being required- for example, switching to a home visit instead of your dog’s usual action-packed walk. Please keep us informed about your pet’s health as much as possible- we wouldn’t like to turn up at your home and find we must contact you and cancel because of an undisclosed health problem, illness or injury.

Please note that is it very important that you inform us if your dog has been or is suffering from Kennel Cough or other respiratory infection- they are highly-infectious and will affect your pet’s ability to walk in a group.

Well, we get wet! Only the most severe weather causes problems for us providing usual services. These may include storms, very strong wind, heavy snow, ice and on very hot days. We may also make changes in the presence of severe weather warnings.

We will always inform you and where possible, walks will be changed to equal-length home visits. We will ensure, at the least, a toilet break in the case of severe weather if longer visits are not possible.

One of the great things about choosing our Pride in Pets team is our reliability. Should your usual Carer be unwell, we will swap your care to another member of our team or alter your booked care, with your permission, to a shorter appointment. We have never had to cancel any pet care, pet taxi services or chaperoning due to team illness, but if it should happen, we will contact you without delay.

We love to build routine for your pets and to have the same team member attend regularly to allow them to bond together and build confidence and trust. We also believe that it is important for your pet/s to get to know different team members in case of illness or holidays, so you can expect any one of our small team- they’re all fabulous! Additionally, alternating our Group Walkers allows your dog to see and socialise with different friends!

No- we provide premium treats every day, including high-quality kibble, chicken, and doggie hotdog- yum! We also provide all the poop bags and toys that we need for our walks and regularly bring new toys and games along for enrichment.

Pride in Pets Leicester and Pride in Progress Dog Training do not offer Dog Grooming. However, one of our team is a self-employed groomer. Laura runs the Dog Shack Groomers from her home in Clarendon Park. It’s a grooming experience like no other- Laura grooms our little Baker-dog, and we can tell you that not only does he drag us to get in there, he also comes out very happy and smelling beautiful! You can contact The Dog Shack on

Yes! We have availability for weekends and have specific weekend-only carers, though our weekday team members may also be available. Once you have completed a Meet & Greet, you can request weekend care in the same way as weekday care, through your online portal. Click ‘Login’ on our page tabs to request what you would like.

Home Sitting is a unique service providing specialist care to your pets in the comfort of their own home. Home Sitting is live-in care, with your Carer staying overnight in your home as well as providing day-time care, however, we do also have a live-out option.

Our packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond) are designed to offer you different care options are applicable for up to 5 different pets in the same home, though we can provide quotes for larger fluffy families!

You don’t have to allow your Carer access to your whole property if you wouldn’t like to, and all they will require is a place to sleep, fair use of amenities and the food and equipment needed for your pet/s care.

Look at our Home Sitting packages or Contact Us for more information.

We introduced our weekend ‘Adventure Walks’ for dogs last year, and we’ve travelled to lots of lovely places- from Swithland Woods to Dovedale and Whitwell Woods in Derbyshire, as well as the fantastic dog-friendly Hunstanton beach in Norfolk.

Our ‘Adventure Walks’ are designed so that your dog can join us for a full day-trip on a weekend date. Perhaps you have plans for the day, want to go shopping or to visit family or friends?

We collect your dog from home between 9am and 10am and head out for a full day of fun. We’ll provide everything that we need for the trip, including fresh water, doggie picnic snacks (and a human one for us!) and all the poop bags and toys we could need. After a lovely long frolic, lots of play and fun, we’ll return your dog home happy, tired and as clean and dry as possible. We expect that this will be sometime around 5 or 6pm.

Please note that your dog must be a good traveller, be dog and people-friendly, and be a ‘PiP regular’ (or know us very well from having previous walks or care) so that we can ensure that the group will get on well. We would prefer that the dogs are able to walk off-lead, but are happy to keep dogs on long training lines where necessary.

We advertise upcoming adventure walks on our Facebook Page, so stay tuned!

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