Group Dog Walking in Leicester

The Group Walk (1 HOUR minimum): £15.00 one dog, £22.50 two dogs from the same household.

Our Group Walks provide superior physical and mental exercise for your dog and most importantly, they are lots and lots of fun!

Group Walks take place roughly between the hours of 11am-1pm or 1pm-3pm each weekday (you can choose); a great choice for Owners with a friendly dog who needs their day breaking up around lunchtime.

Whilst your own training with your dog is reinforced and we support any training or behavioural problems you may be experiencing, the main focus is for all of the dogs to get out for a couple of hours and have a really great time!

  • Group Walks are structured and the dogs are teamed up with suitable friends to make sure that they enjoy themselves.
  • All vehicles are fitted with dog safety equipment to ensure that we travel your dog safely and responsibly.
  • Dog pick-ups & drop-homes are included in the cost and do not affect the length of the walk. Your dog will be out for longer than one hour.
  • Walking locations are varied and toys, treats and toilet bags are included F.O.C.
  • We love our group walk dogs to be off-lead (with your permission), but are happy to accept on-lead dogs, too, as long as they don’t become frustrated within the group. We regularly use long-lines to set dogs up for recall success, and won’t let any dog off until their ready.
  • Email ‘pupdates’ with photos are sent following completion of your dog’s walk, with GPS check ins at your home.
  • Water bowls are refreshed upon return home and filled Kongs, treats or lunch can be given on request.
  • All dogs are returned home as clean as possible after a thorough clean-up, towel dry and coat spritz. Full bathing can be implemented for very muddy dogs for a small additional fee.
  • 10% discount for regular customers booking 5 walks in the same week

Travel additions:

Travel additions: F.O.C up to 2 miles.
Between 2-4 miles from LE2 8AA: £2.50
4 miles & over: £5.00 6 miles & over: £7.50 8 miles & over: £10.00

All rates inclusive of VAT.

Group Dog Walking in Leicester

Have a longer day away from home? Double-up on group walks!

Your dog will have an adventure of a lifetime- double the walks, double the dog friends, and double the fun! Plus, plenty of time for a nap, some water and a Scooby-snack in the middle (provided, of course!). The Double: £27.50.

“Sam and Amy are absolutely incredible. This is the first time we have ever hired a professional dog walker, and I’d never consider going to anyone else! So wonderful to get updates on how our fur baby is doing whilst we’re at work – Such a lovely touch! We love you both! Thank you for all your hard work.”

 Becky Finlay, Dog-Mummy to Marmite, via Facebook.

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