The following is an agreement between Pride in Pets Leicester and the Pet Owner/Keeper. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the terms ‘Owner’ or ‘Pet Owner’ refer to you, the Client, or any other person with possession and/or responsibility of the pet.

The term ‘Sitter/s’, ‘Carer/s’, ‘Team Member/s’ ‘Staff/Staff Members’ or ‘us’ refers to Employees and/or Owners of Pride in Pets Leicester. The Terms ‘Client Portal’, ‘Pet Profile’, ‘PSP’ or any combination of these terms refer to our online booking platform, Pet Sitter Plus, and all associated and relevant sections of this software. Please read all sections fully.


Prior to commencing any form of care, we will require a ‘Meet & Greet’ at your home. This is £25.00 for cat/small pet homes and £30.00 for dog/multi-pet homes. The meet usually takes around 1 hour. You will need to book in a Meet & Greet through your Pet Sitter Plus Client Portal or by contacting us via email along with your required services- in some cases, we must have completed our initial meeting before we can accept requests for services, especially if you or your pet have special requirements. If Meet & Greets are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, we regret we are unable to refund.


Whilst we do our utmost to meet every care requirement, note that requesting services through the portal is not a guarantee that care can be provided; please await further contact and/or confirmation. Responsibility for all bookings and cancellations is with the Pet Owner and must be completed through the Client Portal, except for Home Sitting & Boarding- please contact us to enquire about our availability for these services. If you do not receive a confirmation email and/or the status of your requests is listed as ‘REQUESTED’ on your PSP profile, the pet’s care is not confirmed/booked in.

We cannot be held responsible for scheduling errors or for failure to request care as required, including presumption of care despite no requests being made, or despite lack of confirmation for a request made. Cancellations and/or changes must be made via the client portal and not by email or text message. Please do not book, cancel or discuss care arrangements with one of our Team Members, to avoid misunderstandings or errors.

We ask for 24 hours’ notice of cancellation to confirmed bookings (For Home Sitting & Boarding, we require a longer notice period- please see the relevant sections below); after which time the portal will not allow the service to be deleted and the full rate will be charged. Should a Team Member arrive to an appointment for which the Pet Owner has failed to cancel, the full rate will be charged. Should a Team Member be unable to access your home for a booked appointment (due to a locked gate/keys left in a door etc.), we will contact you and/or your alternative/emergency contact. Should we be unable to get hold of the Pet Owner or other contacts, we must leave the property and continue with our schedule. The full rate will be charged. Whilst we will await further contact, we may be unable to provide the service and/or an alternative once the appointment time has passed, but will do our utmost to help. For all scenarios above, we may use our discretion in situations that we deem to be extenuating.

If you should have any problems, please email us on woof@pipleicester.co.uk or call 01162166963 and we’ll help right away.


Appointment times for all Services are given as a guide only and we ask for a thirty (30) minute window of time either side of the requested booking start time. For example, when making a Group Walk booking taking place between the hours of 11pm-1pm, the earliest arrival time would be around 10.30am and the latest around 11.30am. For Pet Owners that have given us a less specific time requirement and are happy with ‘lunchtime’ hours, we may collect your dog as early as 10.30am, in time for our morning group taking place from 11am, or as late as 2pm for our afternoon groups.

If you are unsure of the time to expect us, please contact us and we can put your mind at ease. Please be aware that all weekday Group Dog Walks are sixty (60) minutes in length and the wider two (2) hour time slot is given as a guide to allow for travel, clean-ups and pet refreshments only. It does not guarantee that you dog will be out for two (2) hours or walking for two (2) hours.

For Cat, Small Pet, Poultry, Bird or Exotic Pet Visits, our window of time is wider, (between 7.30am-10.30am or 5.00pm-8.30pm, for example). You may wish to note a firmer time preference when making your care requests; we’ll do all we can to help. If arrival will be thirty (30) minutes earlier or later than the guide window or the time expected, we will do our best to inform you at the earliest opportunity via text message or email.

For Home Sitting, please request the preferred arrival time of your Sitter via the means above, or indicate this clearly on your PSP portal. Please be aware that this should usually be before 10am or after 4pm. If you will not be home, please let us know so that we can ensure your Sitter has keys for access to start your Home Sit. If you may return earlier, please contact us so that we can inform your Sitter.

In some situations, care cancellations made by us may be unavoidable, as emergency situations are unable to be foreseen. For Day-care, Dog Walking, Comfort/Small Pet or any other visits to/in the Pet Owner’s home that we have had to cancel due to emergency situations, which may include inclement weather, vehicle breakdowns, staff illness and Pet Emergencies (this list is not exhaustive), we will always try to find a best possible scenario- ensuring, at least, a toilet break for your pet or a visit from a different member of our team. We cannot guarantee that this will be at a time or for a duration alike the original booking. For Holiday Boarding or Home Sitting, we advise that every Pet Owner has a ‘back up’ carer in place or in mind if you have booked your dog in with us. Please see ‘Payments, Deposits & Fees’ for further details.



For all Services, we can only accept Dogs whose behaviour is generally good, with no aggression or severe behavioural abnormalities. In the online portal, on your pet’s profile, you are required to disclose information regarding your dog’s behaviour and history, including incidents of aggression; please ensure to be as honest as possible so that we can make an informed decision about their care. This is to protect other Dogs in our care and ensure that we can place Dogs together for their benefit, where applicable. Should your dog demonstrate any aggression or display body language that gives cause for concern during an initial consultation (‘Meet & Greet’), please be aware that we will be unable to provide care for them.

We treat the first four weeks with any new Dog as a ‘trial’ period. If you require occasional or one-off care, or Holiday Sitting, we will ask to book in trial days, trial overnight stays or trial weekends. We will be honest and fair about your dog’s behaviour and will indicate any concerns that arise over the trial period. At the end of this time, we will make a final decision as to whether we can continue to provide care.

Whether during a trial period or at any point of continuation, if we feel that a dog is unhappy, uncomfortable/stressed or unsuited to the type of Service, we may have to cancel care or change original arrangements to see if we can find an alternative placement for them. Additionally, if a Dog’s behaviour becomes difficult at any time, so much so that it is interfering with the safety of our Walks, putting our team members at risk, affecting the enjoyment of other Dogs in our care, or if they are not getting on with other Dogs in group walks (initial introductions considered), we may have to change arrangements to see if we can find an alternative placement for them. We will always try to work with you to make improvements or accommodations as far as possible, but if we are unable to accommodate this, we must cancel care. We cannot be held responsible for any resulting financial loss or other difficulties associated with the cancellation of Pet Care and cannot issue refunds in any such scenarios.

Should a pet in our care accidently cause or inflict injury, harm or loss of life of another pet (whether- or not- the inflicted pet is owned by a Client of Pride in Pets Leicester), the Owner of the pet responsible accepts full liability for all fees and/or compensation due to the affected owner and/or Veterinary Practice and/or to Pride in Pets Leicester. We will not be held liable.

Where we have agreed to take on a dog with known behavioural issues or abnormalities, we reserve the right to discontinue care at any time if safety of staff or safety of other pets is compromised and cannot be held liable for accident, injury, harm or loss of life.



Following walks, we pledge to leave your dog in a clean and comfortable condition as much as possible. We carry thermos flasks of warm water, towels and microfiber cloths and use natural products on your pet. Sometimes, our park flannel-downs and washes are not enough to adequately clean down a very muddy dog and they may need bathing properly. For the comfort of your dog, we may implement bathing without prior contact. This will be done at your home unless you have requested otherwise. Bathing will be charged at an additional £5.00 per dog, per walk.

If your dog must be left in a different area of your home upon departure due to being wet or slightly dirty, please indicate this in the relevant section of your portal. Please ensure that this alternative area is practical and ideally, hard-floored. Whilst we will always do our best to ensure thorough cleaning as far as possible, we cannot be responsible for any damage or spoiling that occurs to any home contents or furniture as a result of your dog becoming muddy or rolling on their walks.



Whilst we have no restrictions for providing care to uncastrated/entire male dogs, we do have limits to the number that we can accept into our group walks. Mounting/humping and excessive sniffing that may present in adolescent entire male dogs can cause disruption in our group walks and to the comfort of the other dogs. Please be aware that your dog may need to be moved into a one-to-one walk during this time or should any issues continue or stress be caused to other dogs in our care, and/or be kept on a lead if they are usually off-lead. The Pet Owner understands that undertaking walks with us for an entire male dog is at their own risk; we cannot be held responsible for any locking or accidental pregnancy. If we are unable to accommodate changes to the service type or if a dog’s hormonal behaviour continues to cause problems on group or private walks, we may cancel care.

Please note that we cannot accept female dogs in season for any care apart from Home Comfort Visits/Private One-to-One walks, and recommend that group walks are postponed until 4 weeks post-season. We also recommend that bathing is implemented to ensure there is no remaining scent of her season. The Pet Owner understands that undertaking walks with us during or shortly following a season is at their dog’s own risk; we cannot be held responsible for any locking or accidental pregnancy.



If you give permission for your dog to be walked off-lead, this needs to be firmly indicated in the appropriate sections on your Pet’s Profile on PSP and this will be talked over during a Meet & Greet/Initial Consultation. We also ask for description of your dog’s recall ability and of words your dog/s understand. If these preferences change at any time, it is the Pet Owner’s responsibility to ensure that we have been informed via email or phone call. It is also the Pet Owner’s responsibility to ensure that the questions on PSP are completed correctly and are always accurate, including updating these details should preferences change. Whilst not required for insurance purposes, we may also ask for a signed off-lead permission form in cases whereby we feel it necessary. We will not be held responsible for any accident or injury caused by letting your dog off-lead, or other problems such as them straying if you have given us permission to let them off-lead, or if circumstances have caused the accidental or deliberate release of your dog.



For all Cat Feeding Visits, Small Pets, Poultry, Exotic Pets or Bird Visits requiring our attendance to your home, we pledge to clean out litter trays, hutches or cages regularly and as specified, leaving them in a clean and useable condition, and disposing of the waste as instructed. We will always ensure that we leave your pet with a full water bowl or bottle and ensure that their food is topped up and/or refreshed as instructed. Requested home checks or safety measures will also be carried out and should any concerns or issues arise, we will inform the Pet Owner, designee or emergency contact as soon as possible.

Whilst we believe that it may be safer for all pets described above to be kept from free-roaming through a cat flap, indoor or outdoor run, or other means whilst the Owner is away, we appreciate that this is not the wish of every Owner. We cannot be held responsible for any harm, injury, accident or loss of life that occurs because of a pet being able to free-roam in any manner.  Should the Owner choose to keep usually free-roaming cats, poultry or other pets inside their property/caged confines during the period of care, adequate ventilation and stimulation must be considered for the pet’s welfare and to prevent stress. For Cats, we recommend talking to your Vet about Feliway/pheromone treatments should they experience stress when you are away or as a response to Sitters entering the property. Should we become concerned about the welfare or health of a pet kept confined, we will contact you.

When dealing with house Cats, or cats that we are instructed to keep indoors, as well as small pets, poultry, birds and exotic pets, we will always take the utmost care to ensure that they are unable to stray or escape from the home or from their cage/run, however, we cannot be held responsible if they escapes from the premises during any part of our entering, exiting, or whilst undertaking tasks, nor if they are injured or lose their life as a result.

Moggy Memberships:

All memberships, once confirmed, will commence from the (1st) of the month and payment will be taken automatically on this date and every subsequent 1st-of-the-month unless cancelled. All members will be required to input their Debit/Credit card details into their Client Portal upon commencement.

Visits will be carried over month-to-month and will remain valid for the period of 12-months from membership start date. Should more visits be required in a month than the number accrued, additional visits must be paid for on booking at the reduced rate (please see website for full details of rates). Fuel charges, if applicable, are not included in monthly in-advance payments and will require payment at the time of booking. Payment will be taken automatically via Stripe upon confirmation.

There is no minimum term for memberships. Cancellation is possible at any time, however, visits accrued that remain unused must be taken in the month of cancellation and will not remain valid following this month. For example, if a membership is cancelled in August 2018 with six (6) visits accrued and unused, these six (6) visits must be used in August 2018 and will not be valid after this date. Refunds will not be given following cancellation.

Gourmet Meals can be added to any block booking of cat visits for £2.50 per meal, per cat. Additional payments for Gourmet Meal add-ons will be taken on booking, along with any additional visit charges or additional fuel charges required.


The Pet Owner must;

-Provide all food and equipment for the care of pet, reimbursing Pride in Pets Leicester in full if we should need to purchase more.

-Inform your vet of the dates that the Sitter/Carer will be responsible for the pet/s.

– For Home Sitting, alert your neighbours that you will have a Sitter entering and exiting during the period that you are away, to avoid any misunderstandings. If you will have neighbours visiting your home in addition to your Sitter, please ensure that they are fully aware of any obligations or requirements entrusted to them and those solely entrusted to your Sitter, to avoid errors. We cannot be responsible for any such errors. Please also ensure that your Sitter is left with contact details for them, including their address. We request that they contact the Sitter before arriving at the property.

-Ensure you have filled in all the relevant fields on PSP relating to the dog’s Boarding/Sitting. Your dog’s up-to-date Vaccination Certificate must be left with your Sitter/Boarder.

-For Home Sitting, leave a spare set of Keys with your emergency contact person or with a neighbour. Please see further notes on keys below.


During Day-Care, Home Boarding (care in one of our Team/s homes) and Home Sitting (care in the Client/Keeper’s home), your dog will be integrated into as many dog walks during our regular day (during the weekdays) as is possible and appropriate for their size and breed, however, if your pet is unable to be integrated into certain walks for any reason (aggression with another dog etc.), or if our schedule requires us to be away for a small proportion of the day, then please be aware that they will be left unattended during this time. We reserve the right at any time to transfer your pets care to another member of our team without prior notice if circumstances deem it necessary (such as during an emergency etc.)- we will try to ensure that your dog has previously met the person and/or have been in their home. You may be required to pick your dog up from their home in this instance.

Our Team Members will always ensure that reasonable security measures are used in safeguarding the property and the residing pets. Please note that we may be absent for periods of up to 6 hours in any 24-hour period, though not usually for more than 4 hours at any one time, unless in an emergency. Unless live-out care is requested, we will never be absent from your pet/s between the hours of 11.30pm-7am. Should you need to chat about your dog’s tolerance to periods of absence, please contact us, as their care may be affected.


We cannot accept Dogs into our homes, nor care for them in your own home, if they have issues with Separation anxiety, chewing or destructive behaviour, excessive barking or howling or aggression towards toys, food, people or other dogs. We ask for honest and thorough information about your pet before accepting them for Home Boarding or Home Sitting. Should your dog be receiving Boarding or Home Sitting care from a Team Member and a problem occurs, such as aggression with a person or other dog, continual interference with the reasonable peace of neighbours, other issues affecting safety, or damage and/or spoiling to contents and/or furniture, we may be forced to place your dog into an alternative boarding establishment (e.g. kennels) and the Pet Owner will be responsible for the cost due to the establishment. We regret that no refunds will be issued for such scenarios.

Please note that during Home Boarding with any Team Member, damage to buildings and home contents by a pet/pets is not covered by our insurance policy. Whilst we do all we can to protect the property in which your pet is Boarding, the Pet Owner will be responsible for any damage and/or spoiling to contents and/or furniture, as well as additional cleaning fees and/or purchase-value compensation to enable cleaning, or replacement, of contents or furniture. We accept no responsibility for such damage in your own home.

Please note that not every pet will be suitable for every service, and having regular Walks or Visits does not guarantee that your pet will be accepted for other services, e.g. Day-Care or Home Boarding, nor does acceptance on one occasion guarantee further acceptance. Please note that we reserve the right to decline, withdraw or discontinue any Service from our advertised Service list at any time without prior notice. Should your pet currently receive a service that is subsequently discontinued, we will do all we can to help find alternative care, should this be required.


Payment is taken automatically via Stripe at intervals discussed during your Meet & Greet. We may also request or agree to payment via BACS transfer or cash.

For Home Pet Sitting or Home Boarding services, the owners of the pet/s agree that a deposit of 25% be collected upon booking, if booking more than 6 weeks in advance. Deposits secure your booking, and are non-refundable. We require at least two weeks’ notice of any changes to the care, including cancellation.  If this notice period is not adhered to, a 50% charge of the overall care cost will be payable to Pride in Pets Leicester. 100% of the total fee will be withheld for cancellations within 24 hours.

In the instance of booking within one month of the care date, we may require full payment upon booking. The Owner must provide 7 days’ notice of any cancellation of the care. A 50% fee will be withheld should the care be cancelled less than 7 days before the intended start date. 100% of the total fee will be withheld for cancellations within 24 hours.

Failure to pay a remaining balance will result in termination of the booking.

If an incident occurs in The Sitter’s home or the Owner’s home during the care period (for example, an incident that deems the property unsafe or inappropriate to live in), or we are forced to cancel Boarding or Home Sitting due to another emergency scenario, we may have to place your dog/s into an alternative boarding establishment. Alternative care costs (kennels etc.) must be settled by the Pet Owner. Refunds for Boarding and/or Home Sitting will be processed for all days lost through emergency-scenario cancellations.



All new Clients will be required to issue us with two key copies. We can either collect these during your Initial Consultation/Meet & Greet or arrange another convenient time. One free, separate key collection is included with your Meet & Greet. Keys are colour coded and tagged with the Pet name only.

Most Clients choose to leave keys in our possession for ease of booking, but please let us know if you require your keys to be returned. We prefer to collect and return keys in-person, to avoid errors and in case of emergency scenarios (such as delayed flights returning home from a holiday), though we may accept requests for keys to be delivered through the business-address letter box or returned through the Pet Owner’s letter box. The Pet Owner accepts full responsibility for any issues that may occur from key postage. Key returns and/or requests for key delivery during a home lock-out will be charged at £15.00.

Each separate key return or collection, outside of the key collection included within your Meet & Greet, will be charged at £8.00.


Whilst we do not ask for proof of rental agreements, we hold in good faith that Clients living in rental properties have permission from their landlord to keep pets in the premises. We cannot become involved nor be held responsible for any problems arising from a breach in tenancy contract and reserve the right to withdraw our services at any time should a breach in tenancy contract come to light.


Proof of up to date vaccinations/boosters in the form of a signed veterinary Vaccination Certificate must be presented to us prior to the commencement of any care and we will take a photograph or photocopy. For Boarding & Home Sitting, this certificate must be left in our possession. If for any reason the pet/s are due to receive this treatment after your booking is placed, the certificate must be presented to us upon our arrival (or when dropping your pet to us), but please note that these treatments must have been completed at least 12 days before your pet’s time with us, to give them adequate time to reach their full protection potential. We cannot accept any pet whereby proof has not been seen- this is to protect the welfare of other pets in our care. If for any reason, you do not have proof of vaccinations or boosters, we reserve the right to contact your veterinary practice to retrieve this information, or refuse care if access to this information is not possible. We may also request to see Vaccination Certificates at any time and may carry out annual checks.

We require all pets, including cats and small animals (as applicable), to be receiving a Veterinary-prescribed flea and worm prevention or treatment every 4 weeks or as recommended by your Vet. A Veterinary Spot-on along with an additional Veterinary-prescribed worming tablet is our preferred and recommended treatment. We cannot accept any pet that does not receive regular flea/worming treatments and reserve the right to cancel care if we believe a pet is carrying fleas or worms due to the risks posed to other pets in our charge. We understand that some Owners prefer to use holistic prevention methods to repel fleas, ticks and parasites on their pets. Please note that any dog receiving holistic prevention or treatment will not be able to join our Group Dog Walks for the safety of other dogs in our care.

If your Dog receives care from us in any form and is found to be suffering from fleas, ticks and/or worms following your agreement to the above, we will cancel care until the problem is resolved and you will be responsible for paying the usual care rates. If you have paid in advance, your payment will not be refunded.

Should we need to treat your pet and/or our home/vehicles following the discovery of fleas on your pet, additional charges will be applicable. These are:

Flea Spray: £20.00

Spot-On: £12.00

Worming Tablet: £10.00

Fees for a Spot-On and Flea Spray/s will both be charged together upon the discovery of Fleas.

For all pets, it is of the utmost importance that any pre-existing, ongoing or newly diagnosed medical conditions are disclosed to us. This includes minor illnesses, cuts, runny noses/coughs/sneezes/respiratory infections, limps, stiffness, sickness, diarrhoea, eye problems etc. Please be aware that we need to be contacted about health issues at the earliest opportunity so that we can make an informed decision about your pet/s care. Should we arrive to your home and discover any illness or injury that we have not been made aware of, we will contact you to discuss the issue but may be unable to provide care due to the risk of worsening the problem and/or the risk to other pets in our care.

Should medication need to be administered to any pet for an ongoing or newly-diagnosed health condition, please ensure that you have contacted us about this and that adequate medication is left for our use. We cannot administer any medication without prior agreement and instruction of use from the Owner, and we accept no responsibility for any harm to a pet due to medication given by us during the period of care.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to care for any animal in a clearly unwell or poorly condition, whether discovered upon arrival to a walk/visit or at the commencement of Home Sitting or Boarding. If we have agreed to take on caring for your Pet with an existing medical condition, an injury, during or following an illness or following surgery, we cannot be held responsible in the event of medical complications, further illness and injury, or in the event of death during the period of care.

Pride in Pets Leicester is fully-insured by Pet Plan Sanctuary; however, our insurance does not cover any pre-existing illness/injury or ongoing conditions that require veterinary care. During your pet’s time with us, we reserve the right to consult a veterinary surgeon should we feel it necessary at any time, and the Pet Owner will be responsible for the cost. In any instance of accidental injury or in an emergency, we may consult a veterinary surgeon prior to contacting you or your emergency contact. In this event, if you have not informed us of a fee cap, we will consent to treatment up to the value of £1000.00, responsibility for which is with the Pet Owner.

If your pet becomes harmed, injured, unwell or in the event of death during the period of care, Pride in Pets Leicester will not be held responsible, unless caused by negligent acts on our behalf. If you wish to see the terms and conditions of our Pet Plan Sanctuary insurance policy or certification for First Aid qualifications and/or Disclosure Checks, you may request to do so at any time. By entrusting your pet/s into our care, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions and consent for the Owners and staff of Pride in Pets Leicester to care for your pet/s.


‘Pride in Pets Leicester promises to care for your pets with the utmost respect, compassion and commitment and pledge to meet your pet’s daily requirements in every way. We will give every reasonable effort to ensure the good health, cleanliness, comfort, safety and happiness of the Pets in our care.’

The Company Owners